The collective works of Kioni Shiné and her fellow production crews, including, but not limited to, cosplay photography, senior portraits, and videos.

Upcoming Photoshoot Opportunities


As the summer months draw to a close, there are still a few opportunities to book a cosplay photoshoot!

I will be at YOUMACON in Detroit, MI in the end of October/early November for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I don’t plan on running any panels at this convention, so my photoshoot schedule is wide open! If you’re interested in booking a shoot, or have questions, don’t hesitate to send me an ask or an email at

Likewise, I will also be attending GRAND RAPIDS COMIC CON in Grand Rapids, MI at the end of November. The panel schedule for that convention is still pending, so there might be a bit of a smaller window for photoshoots, but I will still be available, so long as the convention centre does not have a policy against outdoor photography (last year this was an issue, not because of the convention itself, but the city of Grand Rapids). There are also a few celebrity panels at this convention I will be attending (which you should too). Once again, if you’re interested in a shoot, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message in one way or another.

I also do photography work outside of cosplay photography!

In the upcoming weeks I will have examples of my formal work, such as weddings, and I’ve done senior photos in the past. If you’re from the area (or willing to pay gas money) and need a photographer, I can help out with that too.

Senior Photos: $50 +gas if travel is over 30 minutes gets you a days shoot with the photos put on a disk

Family Photos: $30 +gas if travel is over 30 minutes gets you a couple of hours with the photos on a disk

Wedding Photos: Rates available upon request

I also hope to have the photos from a job I did in July up soon, but I’m waiting on some licensing stuff. It’s very exciting to be moving forward in this field!

Now that JAFAX is over, I am taking a slight hiatus until Midori. And I’m toying with the idea of not doing any shoots there.

On the one hand, I will be new to the convention, and unfamiliar with the surroundings. On the other, the location is going to be amazing for photos, I can just feel it. 

So, I’d like a little input. What do you guys think? Do I attend a con just as an attendee or again as a photographer?

JAFAX Photoshoots now available for booking!

I’ll be at JAFAX both days and am available for almost the entirety of both days, except for whatever big shoots that might need my help.

Prices are going to be $10 per half hour, a little different from past cons simply because of the amount of hours I spend editing each shoot. If you have a group and would like an hour, there is a discount rate as well. Just message me for more details.

I am most familiar with the JAFAX venue out of any of my cons because I attended GVSU, so allow me the honour of making you look awesome.