The collective works of Kioni Shiné and her fellow production crews, including, but not limited to, cosplay photography, senior portraits, and videos.
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Hey Cool Kids!


I’m looking in starting a project. A pretty big project, that’s going to involve Kioni Shiné Productions and conventions. A project that isn’t photography!


But I need some original music, and therefore, need your help! I’m looking to my talented followers for someone to partner in on this project and create a track between five and ten minutes long (give or take) of completely original music.

I can’t pay you.

Not now.

But may be able to pay you in the future if the project works!

The tunes should be up beat and energetic! I don’t care if it’s electronic or acoustic! If you have questions, contact me!

Shutocon 2014

As Shuto draws nearer, I want to start booking shoots! However, there’s a small problem with schedule thus far. I’m running two panels at Shutocon this year, one for Welcome to Nightvale, and the other for Homestuck. As the convention panel schedule is not out yet, I do not know when these panels will be.

I have spoken to the panel director and I am certain the WTNV panel will be Friday night, and the HS panel will be Saturday afternoon (I assume about 1 PM).

So, I ask that if you want a shoot during either of these rather vague and menacing times, to please be patient with me as the convention draws nearer.

If you’re interested in booking a shoot, don’t hesitate to contact me here, or at

My phone number is also available on request!